by Dan T. Davis
illustrated by Christina E. Siravo

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Do you ever wonder what you will do when you grow up? Astronaut, teacher, computer specialist, nurse, or fireman? Dan T. Davis still wonders exactly that, even though many would say he’s a grown-up already. Dan hopes he never grows up – he always wants to learn, create, or seek things he’s never seen before.

Dan worked with computers for many years, but decided he wanted to write stories that children would enjoy. He likes to travel and to see new things. He always wanted to go to the moon, but now thinks maybe you’ll be the one to do it instead.

You are holding in your hands one of the things Dan likes most now – a book exploring new ideas and new worlds. This story is about a Santa that Dan believes in – a Santa that represents the best in all of us. This is the second of a trio of stories set in the best world one can possibly explore: the world of the imagination.

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